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Radically Accelerate your Musical Learning Curve!

We’ll show you the underlying simple relationships that exist in music, with maximum clarity and consistent cues. Designed for the instrument you are studying or on the piano (for singers, brass and wind instrumentalists).  But emuso does not teach you how to play songs, note for note!  You learn the musical concepts used to put songs together.   This means you can explore improvisation and song creation, with less trial and error!

Access extensive Chord and Scale Libraries

Find and locate chords on-instrument in seconds.  Learn how to use rock, jazz and blues scales.   Simple user-interface to navigate and locate libraries. Build your own chord library, by starting with ours…any chord, any voicing, any tuning, any supported instrument.   It’s just one click away.

“All-In-One” Reference & Practice Toolset

Think of it as your personal Ultimate Music Help System at your finger-tips.  Learn to play better and practice smarter!  Becoming the musician you want to be.  Learn music from the inside out, making your musical journey easier.

Lessons Standing By

Emuso lessons present all manner of musical concepts on virtual instruments for you to see, hear, and touch. These lessons can check your understanding and give corrections, should you want.  Lessons are set-up for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, focusing on guitar initially, with more coming soon!

And All at a Remarkably Low Cost…

The cost is less than 1 private lesson a month.  You have 24/7 access to your own tool-set and content. With emuso, you have a very powerful set of tools focused on helping develop your inner musician. Faster than you’d believe possible!  For our subscription plans click the FREE TRIAL button below.

Learning features provided:

Supported instruments:

Musicincite Ltd. is delighted to announce the release of emuso/Studio. This is a unique and brand new music learning software application. It has been designed by and for developing musicians.   In short, Emuso/Studio simplifies and minimizes your learning effort, while speeding up the time it takes to learn. How?   By using a simple-to-understand visual language.

Emuso visually represents the elements of music, whether scales, chords, intervals, or the understanding of musical time (rhythm).  What’s more, you can explore and interact with these on screen. As a result, you’ll see rapidly gain fretboard, keyboard, or fingerboard familiarity, without having to learn music notation, or even note names, initially.

In addition, you can also set up your own practice regimes, work on your timing and licks, or play over chord progressions.  More importantly, you can even write and arrange several tracks of your own music.  All of which is easy to share with friends and teachers.

But, that’s not all…

The emuso/Studio software is being released at Version 1.0, which means we have been through beta and have a complete and stable product.    This is good news for Early Adopters for two reasons.  Firstly, the launch price heavily discounted. Secondly, you get an opportunity to help us shape the platform to better meet your needs.

About Us

MusicIncite, Ltd. is a self-funded, start-up company in the music education space. It has developed emuso™ from the ground up over the past few years. MusicIncite is a company founded and run by musicians, for musicians. Our vision is to simplify and empower musical development and nurture musical progress around the world. We believe that everyone should be equipped to join in the global conversation that is music. Our goal is to enjoy a relationship with our clients based on world-beating products and first-in-class customer service.


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