MusicIncite Announces emuso/PracticeSuitePRO

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 Interactive software for guitar and bass players to practice and improve their skills

AUGUST  2022, SURREY, UK:  MusicIncite, Ltd., today announces its new emuso/PracticeSuitePRO, intelligent music education software platform providing the essential tools and interactive content for guitar and bass players to practice with and develop their musical skills.  These tools cover fretboard navigation, technique, applied theory, rhythm and time keeping, and ear training (https://emuso.buzz).  Additional feedback has been gathered through online surveys and direct feedback from our volume of 14-Day Free Trialists.   And we listened!   

We wanted to produce an environment that encourages directed practice, with full attention focused on whatever the practice topic may be.  Using a real guitar can result in muscle memory taking over, and practice is far more likely to wander.  Whereas using the virtual instruments and tools built into emuso, directed practice is facilitated, and musical skills can be accumulated mentally, even as physical skills are yet to be developed.  

As a result, we optimized the user-experience and user-guidance. We greatly enhanced the benefits offered by automatic chord generation and rhythm design, and tightly integrated the Toolkit containing the chord and scale libraries and Rhythm-X with the interactive lessons and blog content.  We streamlined the interactions with Rhythm-X by redesigning the playback and metronome controls, making these available both on the main Rhythm-X toolbar, and on the Rhythm-X refine part toolbar, where the rhythm editing takes place.  This makes it much easier to experiment editing the rhythmic design of any part, and the contents imprinted into the rhythm with fewer clicks and fewer swaps of the toolbars.  We added a time-displacement feature to Rhythm-X. A rhythm can be displaced subtly (for playing ahead or behind the beat) or shifted / rotated across one or more bars to allow experimentation with phrasing.  We added Interactive Quick Start Guides to the front-end, guiding the user through the main features and functions of emuso.  These take the user on a journey from the basics of using the Toolkit to create and relocate chords and scales and inverting and editing these.  They move onto designing rhythms that are then populated with chords and melody.  They then create a rhythmic template from a bass drum track to be populated with a bass line, tightly locked into the groove.  These guides enable the novice to get started with minimal effort.  We’ve also started adding interactive rhythm and ear training lessons.   

Here is what one of our trialist had to say:  

I have checked out online lessons and always thought you don’t get feedback so you don’t learn much besides tabs. This format is absolutely amazing because you get interaction and feedback. You get to play with sounds, and one huge thing is the ability and ease to invert chords and turn them into a melody. This is honestly a new approach that I think will progress people that want to learn faster. I also play a little piano as well so the fact that you can do that as well is a huge plus. Additionally, being able to read the how, when, and most importantly the why creates better musicians. This isn’t teaching people to follow tabs it actually teaches how to be a musician which is groundbreaking on many instruments. I am going to continue looking at it but I can’t wait for the full version. Thank you so much for the chance to review it. I really think you are onto something amazing that I have never seen before. I think really the only thing left to do is look for glitches and stuff like that. Thank you so much. I have been amazed at this idea.”  
Tyler Paul, Guitar Instructor 

Jerry Kramskoy, Founder and CEO, has this to say, “The interactive guides provide a simple approach to get users engaged, learning the features and functions of emuso/PracticeSuitePRO.   The Rhythm-X changes and toolkit integration with these guides, and lessons, make a huge difference.  It reduces musician confusion, while simplifying the process of practicing, exploring or creating with Rhythm-X, be that creating technique or timing practice routines, or chord progressions, or simply making musical sketches.  The unrivalled chord and auto-chord capabilities open up a whole new world of possibilities to be explored.”   As all great platforms we are in a constant state of continuous improvement, the strength behind our SaaS model.    These updated were made, tested and posted immediately.  Allowing for a quick turnaround.    

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MusicIncite, Ltd., was founded in 2013, with the vision to empower musical development for all interested in western-culture music and to nurture musical progress in improvisation and composition around the world.  We believe everyone should be equipped to join in the global music conversation.   Our flagship music software platform is designed for musicians of all levels who want a fast, effective, and transparent way to practice music, be that in rhythm, technique, theory, fretboard navigation, chord and scale usage, or ear training.   Emuso/PracticeSuitePRO can be used stand-alone or as a complementary adjunct to traditional music education that employs music notation.  It empowers users to see, hear, and play on-instrument even when their notation-reading skills and instrument knowledge and technique are undeveloped.  The way we naturally learn has guided the innovations in media synchronization and the UX and lesson content design. 
For more information visit: https://emuso.buzz.          




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