Fighting Against Musical Confusion, Music Theory Isn’t Hard!  

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Fighting Against Musical Confusion, Music Theory Isn’t Hard!   

MusicIncite Ltd brings emuso/Studio™ to Market with a Try & Buy Program 

November 2020, SURREY, UK – There’s great news for instrumentalists that love playing (not for a living) but due to time pressure are frustrated with their progress and understanding of music.  

MusicIncite Ltd has taken a unique approach which delivers understanding in minutes that can be taken to guitar or piano on day-one, and rapidly built upon.  This is embodied in their emuso/Studio software platform, along with interactive content and enormously powerful tools for exploring melody, harmony, and rhythm, practicing technique and time keeping, and for ear training.  This speaks to the wants and needs gathered from a survey of 600+ musicians that MusicIncite ran on behalf of the Music Industry Association in the UK. (Results: https://emuso.buzz/survey/results.pdf) 

According to Jerry Kramskoy, founder of MusicIncite Ltd.  “Understanding note choice typically requires a lengthy diversion to learn a complex language (notation) to do what you really want, improvise and make your own music.” 

Facebook groups and Internet communities, such as ultimate-guitar.com (12.5M members), resonate with the resulting confusion when time and effort is not available for this, or people struggle with this. 

Jerry Kramskoy continues; “Technology allows visualization (with sound and touch) of the building blocks of music, intervals, underpinning all music. These are trivial to learn and anyone can play (badly) a scale and chords in any key on piano or along one string, in literally minutes on day-one, knowing the intervals present.  This knowledge is amazingly easy to acquire and highly effective to build upon.  Exploring rhythm becomes much easier visually as well.” 

Emuso downloads auto-correcting lessons, practice regimes and emuso-books.  Virtual machine technology synchronizes their interactions against a media timeline, to drive virtual instruments, analyze interactions on them or via MIDI, and correct mistakes.  This all builds and reinforces user knowledge. 

Emuso is available on subscription monthly, 6 monthly or annually.  Each option has a 14-day free trial. 

As a special offer, please share with your readers, a Discount Code (COMM20) for an additional 10% off the already low introductory price.   The discount is applied to their first payment only. 


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About MusicIncite, Limited 

MusicIncite, Ltd., was founded in 2013 with the vision to empower musical development for all interested in western-cultured music and to nurture musical progress in improvisation and composition around the world.  We believe that everyone should be equipped to join in the global conversation that is music without paying a fortune.  Our flagship music software platform is designed for all musicians who want a fast, effective, and transparent way to learn, explore, and practice music.   Emuso/Studio™ can be used as a stand-alone or a complementary adjunct to music education that employs music notation.  It empowers musicians to see, hear, and play on-instrument even when their notation-reading skills and instrument knowledge are underdeveloped.   We have employed natural learning processes that surface through innovations in media synchronization and through the UI design.    For more information visit:  https://emuso.buzz 

For 2-Minute Video: Emuso/Studio(TM) intro video 


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