Press Release: August 2020 – emuso/Studio Launch

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MusicIncite Ltd., Introduces emuso™- Music’s Ultimate HELP System

LAUNCHING – Version 1.0 for All Musicians!  

August 2020, SURREY, UK – Available through our website (emuso.buzz) you can obtain the new release of emuso/Studio™, – Music’s Ultimate Help System!  After 24 months with our Beta Trial, we feel we are ready to share emuso/Studio with the world.  Our Beta version has been in effect, with a select group of musicians in the UK and US, since January 2017.  From this release, we have captured critical feedback, insights, and ideas. It is also important to note we have had 100% satisfaction level by all members.

Jerry Kramskoy, founder, and CEO & CTO states, “I created emuso for a simpler, faster, and more effective way to allow everyone to develop the musical skills they want to confidently take part in the global conversation expressed through music.  Our trial Beta testers, to date, tell us that emuso is achieving these goals; giving them an experience they both really enjoy and quickly learn from.  So far, they have found a few bugs and provided critical insights to improve the overall effectiveness of emuso.  We have already incorporated some changes from this feedback and we heartily thank them for that.  They are helping to shape a new way of learning music.”

emuso™ reveals the inherent simplicity in the building blocks of music, namely;  melody, harmony, and rhythm. We break these down for you to see, hear, touch, know, practice, and understand. With this simple, rapid, and intuitive way of learning about music, you quickly build unshakable musical confidence and competence, while establishing a pool of musical knowledge.

Emuso/Studio, is our flagship music software platform. It adds video, audio, and midi-based lessons along with your own musical assistant within the environment.   Choose your direction and work at your own pace.  Emuso was designed to allow you to see, hear, touch, and play with the building blocks of music and understand their patterns and relationships on the instrument of your choice.  With emuso™: Watch. Engage. Learn. Create. Practice. & Share!   Dales Jeffery, Guitar Student, UK, had this to say: “This is banging, think I have come closer to being a musician in the last week or so then I have in the last two years.  I am sure I am even playing better”.

For teachers and established Musicians, take your skills to the next level with experimentation, improvisation or music creation. Emuso/Studio allows you to create your own music and then transfer it over to other instruments; create with guitar and then transfer to the piano, bass, and violin, or vice versa.  Music theory is transferred creating the revelation. Conon Middleton, Guitar Student, UK, had this to say: “I have been receiving guitar lessons from Jerry for some time and struggled to learn. With emuso, I understand the fundamentals I never thought I would get down. It really is simple and I can’t recommend this enough. Whether you are a hobbyist or have been playing for some time, emuso is for anyone who wishes to gain a greater understanding of the guitar”.

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About MusicIncite, Ltd.

MusicIncite, Ltd., was founded in 2013 with the vision to empower musical development for all interested in western-culture music and to nurture musical progress in improvisation and composition around the world.  We believe that everyone should be equipped to join in the global conversation that is music.   Our flagship music software platform is designed for all musicians who want a fast, effective, and transparent way to learn, explore, and practice music.   Emuso can be used as a stand-alone or as a complementary adjunct to music education that employs music notation.  It empowers musicians to see, hear, and play on-instrument even when their notation-reading skills and instrument knowledge are undeveloped.  We have employed natural learning processes that surface through innovations in media synchronization and through the UX design.     For more information visit: emuso.buzz

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