Process To Buy

What happens when a customer buys emuso/Studio?

emuso/Studio Purchasing process

This page describes what happens when a visitor decides to buy emuso/Studio. What is the process to buy, what information is required from you in order to buy emuso and how is emuso software delivered and installed on my machine?

When a visitor to the emuso.buzz website wishes to buy emuso/Studio, (s)he will click on the BUY button. This opens a form requiring the visitor’s :

First name:

Last name:

Phone number:



Once these fields are completed, the visitor then selects which environment (s)he wishes to run emuso in and therefore which version to download. The currently supported environment options are for Windows 7 & Up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, Android and IOS devices are not supported. Please ensure that you are placing your order from a compatible device that you plan to install emuso/Studio on.

Finally, you will be asked to enter any discount code you have gathered from our promotional material. The recommended retail price for emuso/Studio beta software is £89.99. However, we will be running various introductory incentive discounts, each of which will give a discount on this headline price. If you have a discount code to use you will enter that here. Once the code is entered, the discounted price will be shown to the visitor, excluding VAT, prior to clicking the buy now button.

On selecting the buy now button, the visitor (customer to be) is transferred automatically to our payment service provider, Paddle, who will handle the completion of the payment. Paddle adds the VAT applicable and takes careful details etc. so as to complete the payment side of the transaction. Your financial details are never shared with Musicincite Ltd. Once payment has been successfully made, the (now) customer is returned to the emuso.buzz website. This returns the customer to a page showing the receipt details, download instructions and a unique software key to use in obtaining the emuso software by direct online download and in registering the software to the customer. Installation and build instructions are also given. All of the foregoing information is also emailed directly to the customer email address (s)he gave during the buying process, along with a copy of the terms and conditions (the contract of sale) extant at the time of purchase.

You should be aware that, as the distribution method for emuso software is by direct online download, later return of goods and refunds are not possible.  Should you experience any difficulties during this process please email us at support@musicincite.buzz.

As you are buying emuso/Studio at beta level, so in recognition of this, we at MusicIncite, Ltd., want to reward your vote of confidence and so, therefore, when you buy emuso/Studio at Version 1.0,  you will receive all point releases up to January 1, 2021 inclusive.

So, sincerely, thank you from all of us at MusicIncite for your purchase. We really welcome your feedback and hope you will enjoy your voyage of musical discovery!

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