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Jerry Kramskoy, CEO/CTO & Founder
As a 20+ year, experienced architect, of global software products for mobile, consumer and enterprise markets. These products are in your pocket (mobile), in your car (infotainment) and in your home (BluRay, STBs, DVRs etc). As a pioneer, expert, inventor (patented) and co-founder of an international global software company (Nasdaq & IPO).   Jerry has received the Queen’s Award for Technological Achievements twice. Recently, has led BBC R&D Mobile research, and then Companion Screen research.   Chair of DVB CM-COS setting commercial requirements for companion screen synchronization for Europe (now reflected in HbbTV 2.0) With over 40 years in playing the guitar, he is an Ex-pro-guitarist, 20 years as a music instructor, and music theory expert.


Thomas Christel, CMO
A senior executive with 25+ years of experience in marketing, innovation, and automation. Thomas has driven strategic planning to tactical execution across both U.S. national and international markets, from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies, across multiple industries that include: Healthcare, Education, Technology, and Services. His experience is driven from Fortune 1000 companies such a; IBM, Accenture, and Career Education Corporation. His start-up and entrepreneur experience is driven by WisdomWare Inc. (US), Vivance new education AG (Swiss), Sales2Inc. (US) and Yooplus srl (Italian) companies.  He brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial and marketing skill-set and expertise.



Music has been a passion for our founder for over 30 years. He is an ex-pro guitarist and has taught lessons part-time for over 20 years, and has identified a key opportunity in the way traditional music education is taught.

A child doesn’t learn to read before (s)he learns visually, aurally and tactilely. Nature’s approach works. So MusicIncite is employing modern software and media technologies.   We enable an alternative path to traditional study, based on nature and the findings of music psychology…

Hence emuso™ … a suite of software tools to help (would-be) musicians rapidly develop fluency in the language of modern Western music.   Emuso can be used in improvising and composition so they can confidently join in the global musical conversation. Students gain skills using the core building blocks of music through aural, visual and tactile cues with no initial need for music notation, and with little jargon.

Students explore musical sounds and their emotional impact from day one.

For players looking to hone their technique, emuso also enables easy creation of demanding practice routines. For example, an 8-year-old girl, with no music knowledge, who had never played any instrument, sat with me for about 4 minutes, with paper and pencil in hand. In another 2 minutes, she was sitting at a synthesiser keyboard.   Then she correctly played a scale, and chords from that scale, in two different keys of her choice (although she didn’t know the name of the keys, nor the piano note names).   She loved it … she was making her own music, and it was musical. She didn’t realise that anything special was happening … she just got on with it and had fun.

The principles I touched on with her are embodied in the emuso user-interface.    It provides interactions with: a media-synchronised lesson player; a music construct reference (chords…); a construct editor; a technique and theory practice tool; a unique rhythm explorer; a multi-track music sketchpad; and an ear-training tool.

The anticipated launch of emuso™/Studio for Windows in Q2, 2020, providing access to Version 1.0, along with lessons for emuso™.


Strategic Advisors:  

Charles Alexander

Charles Alexander began his musical career as a jazz guitarist in Edinburgh and also ran the Edinburgh University Jazz Club. From 1973, for nine years, he was Director of the Jazz Centre Society in London, producing hundreds of jazz events ranging from weekly jazz club events to full scale jazz festivals such as the Camden Jazz Week. Since 1982 he has concentrated on his own musical activities as one of the leading jazz guitarists on the London scene. A committed jazz educator; he is Jazz Guitar Tutor at Richmond Adult and Community College. In 1984 Charles founded Jazzwise Publications (now called SendMeMusic), which distributes jazz music instructional books, software and DVDs.

As a radio broadcaster, he presented seven series of BBC Radio 2’s Six Silver Strings programmes and in 1994 he wrote and presented the 12-part series The Guitar in Jazz for BBC Radio 3. In 1999 his book “Masters of Jazz Guitar” was published by Balafon Books and he has co-authored two books with Nick Freeth – “The Acoustic Guitar” and “The Electric Guitar”. Recent CDs include “When Lights Are Low” (Deep River Records) and “A Handful of Stars” (33 Jazz), both with saxophonist Jeffrey Benson.

Alex Archer

Alexander is a recording engineer and producer based in London, working with top artists from around the world including Lewis Capaldi, Carly Rae Jepsen, Craig David and many others.

As well as recording artists in a number of locations for filmed performances he also works out of various studios, helping bands and artists develop their ideas into finished and realised recordings.

Jon Eno

As Owner of Hot House Music Schools, CEO of HHMusic LLP, Jon has an incredible wealth of experience.

From professional jazz musician to Director of the UK’s leading (up to 18 years of age) youth jazz ensemble, with an international pedigree and tour schedule, and regularly working with the world’s greatest musicians & educators!  Jon also has a voice in the APPG (All Party Parliamentarian Group) for Music Education.

Jon is also a keynote speaker, international educator, and specialist in youth music pedagogy.



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