Layers and shapes



There have been several times when creating posts, that I’ve wanted to show related shapes (such as chord inversions) all at once, and realized I could do this with fairly minor changes.  So, I’ve added two buttons to the “Layers” tool, to support this.

Current restrictions

The non-interactive layer can have the current contents of the “instrument” written into it, replacing any previous contents.  This can then visualized, when the “V” button is selected

Prototype fixing these.

The new version of layers allows the current layer contents to be added to.  Whatever is on-instrument gets added.  It’s most useful when the content is all related (from same scale, or from same chord (inversions).

The new “Layers” tool looks like this:

For example, if I want to capture the D major triad and its two inversions, along the treble three strings, I can do this as follows

  1. Set anchor at fret 0 *nut) on the D string.
  2. Load major triad from Chord menu.
  3. Delete the D pitch at fret 0 on D string
  4. Write this chord into layer 1, by clicking “w” in the layer tool
  5. Invert the chord (type “>”)
  6. Add this chord into layer 1, by clicking “+” in the layer tool
  7. Invert the chord (type “>”)
  8. Add this chord into layer 1, by clicking “+” in the layer tool
  9. Bring the layer 1 content sinto the interactive layer by clicking “r” in the layer tool

Here’s the result.


Here’s another example, for an arbitrary pathway through the minor pentatonic scale

  1. Set anchor at fret 0, bass E string
  2. Create minor pentatonic scale from Scale menu
  3. Make selections for pattern
  4. Write to layer 1 using “W”
  5. Bring back to the interactive layer, using “r”

Here is a short video showing the ear trainer now (it will become available shortly)


Still left

Sort out when the new buttons on the UI are enabled/disabled.

(Much) later on, do the same for user-built chord progressions.  Rhythm-X supports this, but for a very different purpose, where the progressions can be looped, chords edited, tempo controlled, so you can practice improvisation, chord changes, add melodies on top, add bass and drums, and so on.  Doesn’t make sense for for looping an ear test!!

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