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I find emuso to be an amazing partner for my musical teaching and journey.  I use it as a supplemental source for my own college classes to stay involved in learning theory, and continued learning in guitar and keyboard.  It is interactive so I can easily mess around on the fretboard to hear what I am thinking, and also to visualize where and how I want a chord.  Sometimes we all have a block and this software is tremendous at getting around that block.

I also use Emuso to help teach.  I don’t have all the fancy gadgets that some instructors have, but with Emuso I don’t need it.  I can simply share my screen and show anyone what I am talking about but also inversion, sound, neck position and many more.  I don’t have to physically change back and forth to show inversions which is amazing and helps to utilize time better.

Advice wise I would say to go through the tour.  With a program this involved you don’t want to try and simply figure it out.  Do the tour, and usually I never do, because it will get you going sooner, but also show you the cool little tricks you can use in the program.

I have looked at many products as it pertains to lessons, and further instruction for myself and this is the only one stop shop for everything you can imagine.

Some places are really good at providing one thing, but it takes away from another aspect whereas Emuso has it all.

Tyler Paul

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Tyler Paul Insights

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