Interactive video sync’d with emuso

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This is a demo of emuso sync’ing “on-instrument” presentation and interactions with video.  This is not a “how-to” or “help” video.  Click the link below to load the video and have it sync up with emuso (assuming you are viewing this in emuso).   After the intro, the video flips into the companion screen, and the emuso guitar shows the lick being played and lists the chords as they go by.

While the lick is being shown on the “guitar”, experiment changing instruments … for example, press the character ‘p’ to change to piano, and ‘g’ to change back again.  If you wanted to, you could stop the video at a chord you like, flip it to piano, and save that voicing as a snippet.  Making and reusing snippets is covered in the user guide.

After about 20 seconds, the video is paused, and some interactive actions occur.  Use the lesson navigation block to work through these.

The artist is Aleks Sever, playing her tune, FREAK, which uses F# Dorian.

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